Nelli Auto Transport is the #1 source for information and tips about shipping your vehicle. Whether you’re moving a personal car across the country, or you’re looking to ship a vintage vehicle you just purchased, there’s a lot to know before shipping your car. With decades of experience in the transport business, we’re here to help you!

Best Auto Transport Companies

We have a database with the best names in the auto transport industry. These are licensed, insured professionals with a stellar reputation for getting the job done on time without damage. Your car should arrive in the same condition in which it left – these are the guys who will do just that!

Car Shipping Services

The companies we recommend offer an array of services for those looking to ship their vehicles:

  • Open Car Transport: The more economical option, with open car transport your vehicle is transported via an open carrier to its destination, with up to 8-10 other cars.
  • Enclosed Car Transport: Ideal for luxury or vintage vehicles, with enclosed car transport, your car is carefully loaded into a truck and tied down. As the name implies,
  • Hawaii Car Shipping: Headed to or from the Aloha State? Hawaiian auto transport companies specialize in getting your car to or from the islands via boat.
  • Luxury and Vintage Auto Transport: Own an exotic, expensive, or priceless vehicle? We’ll put you in touch with companies that offer white glove care to ensure your treasured car makes it to its destination without a single dent or scratch.
  • Coast-to-Coast Shipping: No matter where you need your car shipped, our database of auto transport companies can get it there with state-to-state shipping covering the entire contiguous U.S. plus Canada and Alaska.

Auto Transport Tips

Not sure how the process works? Not to worry. We’ve amassed a wealth of knowledge over the years that we’re happy to share with you. Check out our blog for information on everything from how to prep your car for shipment to how much you can expect to pay to ship your auto from one state to another.